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Fall '22 Update New

October 15, 2022

Summer flew past in no time and Fall is upon us. The days are getting darker, shorter and colder – but Metal is still here and keeps the flame within our dark hearts and spirits burning.

Physical Concert Tickets

I am now selling physical tickets for most of the Inertia Entertainment shows in the shop. Note that some are only available online. Payment for tickets has to be in cash. Each ticket price includes a service fee (ca. 10%) but is excluded from HST.

Ontario Ruling Change

A new ruling effective in Ontario and a few other provinces in Canada now allows retailers like myself to recuperate their credit card processing fees by charging a surcharge of up to 2.4% for credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard) to customers. To keep my operations cost under control I am now adding a surcharge of 2% of the total amount to your invoice before HST. I will remind customers of this new ruling and encourage them to use debit or cash to avoid the extra charge. I apologize for the inconvenience.

What's coming to the shop?

My order with Bitter Loss Records from Australia is on its way! There are going to be new releases and re-stock of this label's impressive roster. Also in the making is an order with Chilean label Burning Coffin Records (tapes and some vinyl) as well as Cult Never Dies from the UK. Yes, that's right, there are some cool books and fanzines hitting the shop soon!

Event Reminder: 1st Year Birthday

On October 30th, on Devil's Night, the shop's first birthday will be celebrated at Mom's Basement (1430 Danforth Avenue). You will receive a free raffle ticket with each purchase made in the store. Draw will take place at the birthday bash, but you don't need to attend to win. Of course, it would be nice to have a great turnout!

Store Hours for November

Please note that the store hours will be reduced within the first two weeks in November.

As usual, I will be available via social media and my cell (416.799.0435)

That's it for now. Hope to see you in the shop! Stay Metal! \w/

Summer/Fall Update

September 4, 2022

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good summer! The shop has been going steady throughout the season with a few weekend breaks. Was visiting with family a few times.

Shows are back

Shows, Shows. Shows are back! Saw some killer bands and made a trip to Ohio for the Into the Darkness Fest which was outstanding!

Metal Merch Market

We also had our first Metal Merch Market on August 13th! It was an awesome day with great turnout in front of the shop with local bands, labels, collectors and artists offering their wares! The metal community came out and showed Support! So, yes, summer was great!

Incoming in September

I am currently working on the following orders for September:

Re-stocks & New Releases coming from:

New Labels / Distros are coming to the shop:

I accept special orders for these labels and distros. Hit me up if you have any requests!

More to come! \w/

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