Black Death Thrash Doom

Straight From the Underground


Futhark Records is a brick-and-mortar record shop and record label located in Toronto’s East End. More by accident than intent, its gates opened on Devil’s Night 2021. Since then, it has slowly been growing into a specialty destination providing local, out-of-town and international initiates with hefty dosages of Death, Doom, Black and Thrash (and everything in between) metal.

The store’s focus lies in stocking underground metal LPs, CDs and Tapes as well as books, magazines and fanzines. My inventory is frequently updated with new releases and re-releases with orders coming straight from underground labels. The basic motivation behind the shop is to directly support bands and labels and avoid feeding a corporate machine that is more interested in commercial gain rather than supporting the extreme metal community. My regular inventory is only available at the shop. I do not ship or sell online.

As a small record label, Futhark Records follows the same philosophy: the band/artist comes first and will receive the support they deserve. I release LPs and Music Cassettes from local and international bands of all extreme metal genres. All my label releases and store publications can be ordered online, and they ship worldwide.

I offer consignment services for bands and artists. If you want to exhibit your artwork at the shop or would like to have your Tape, LP or CD distributed send me an email or call me.

My shop has an inclusive and respectful vibe and is welcoming to all. Thanks for your support.

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